GSD curriculum has been used in 34 states
and 15 different countries!
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“It was thrilling to watch our students grab onto this curriculum and get so passionate. They learned–as did I– so much over the course of the past weeks and because of it they are driven to do and learn more. You have opened a door for them that many never realized was there. I feel truly lucky to have been a small part of it.”
“I learned that what I read in the papers, magazines, and what I see on TV doesn't paint nearly as vivid a picture as this program does. It should be required in all schools. Seriously.”

“The experiential activities were wonderful!  When students knew that we were playing a "game" they were very engaged and were open to take on different perspectives other than their own. We had some amazing responses from our guests and the critical thinking involved in the follow -up questions helped to guide our discussion.”

“The curriculum was fabulous! It was provocative, captivating, and so compelling. It was important. The real-life resonance of the curriculum, as living history, was the perfect bookend to a year spent racing abstractly through the past. Students were introspective, self-critical, and so hopeful, as they prescribed ways to improve themselves, their communities, and their world.”

“The majority of the information was new to me (beyond basic history). I felt that it was a great experience to learn along with the students. I also learned some great techniques to explain difficult topics like illiteracy, poverty, and discrimination. The games gave me great ideas to teach these topics in the future.”

“I learned that what goes on in another part of the world has a direct connection to all we are and do in the United States. This was an incredible journey. Thank you.

No words can describe what I learned as a person, a teacher, and a student too.”

“Kids felt very connected to the real world stories, and the young people on the other side of the world. Wonderful program, materials, and activities! I learned a ton along with my students.  Thanks for the terrific and authentic curriculum!”

“Even the slower readers and the ones who don't necessarily like to read were hooked on the journals and loved getting the next one to see what would happen. They seemed much more aware and articulate with their ideas, comments and questions.”

-West Virginia
“The program was extremely successful and deeply changed the students' thinking. I observed an increased interest in world affairs and understanding of diversity. The students began to understand how living conditions and culture shape peoples’ attitudes and behavior. It was an excellent lesson in social studies.”

“The videos were very effective in helping my students understand the journal readings. I think my students now have a greater appreciation of the plight of the people of Afghanistan.  They all started out with the impression that all of the people were terrorists and now they know that is not true.

-South Carolina
“The students were far more informed when we finished the three weeks.  I was amazed at how little they knew about cultures outside of United States. They were amazed at how little Afghan youth knew about America.  I do think their eyes were opened.  All participants expressed an interest in continuing with the program.”

“Our students really loved this program and gave it a big endorsement for future usage.”

“My students did not want to see this unit and experience end without somehow helping and making a difference. They have been so touched, moved, and humbled…and had me in tears several times, they were really understanding and empathetic, and also curious. You have piqued their interest and that is so vital in going to the next step.”

“The students were so passionate about what they learned that it would set us back a day from our other activities. Students were so interested in the material that conversations usually went on longer and I didn't want to cut them off.”

“From day one the kids made at least a 90 degree turn in their attitudes towards the Afghan people, and by the end it was as close to 180 degrees as can be expected of anyone in any age group. They seem to be much more aware of how easy it is to jump to conclusions about people before you know their stories.”

“It was great to see the awareness the students gained about the everyday culture and history!”

“They displayed greater empathy and understanding for those less fortunate as them. It's an excellent program!”

“Many were very black and white about fixing the problems in Afghanistan to start and by the end were more aware of the complexity of the issues.”

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