Global Conference
Map of India
"Realigning Gender Imbalance"
a GSD (Virtual) Global Youth Mini-Conference May 18, 2017
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3. PARTICIPATE in (virtual) Global Youth Mini-Conference May 18
Using GSD’s latest curriculum (India- Wings of Fire)  as a jumping off point, participants begin their journey in an Indian slum where under-educated and under-valued girls sit trapped in an unending cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and staggeringly high birthrates. Through a series of real-world adventure stories, videos, and photos, students gain an up-close view of a pressing global issue.

They ALSO meet the stars of the adventure— a group of Indian girls who are not only defying the odds by preventing early marriage, domestic violence, and child labor— but being the first ones in their community to enter college!

This engaging curriculum helps teens develop critical thinking skills to better understand the nuance of gender issues against a variety of cultural backdrops, engage in thoughtful dialog with their peers, and learn to build more equitable communities– globally as well as within their own classroom.

A dynamic way to end the school year... while meeting (and completeing!) teaching standards.
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Access to India- Wings of Fire curriculum now through May 1st (see sample).

Generally takes 10-15 days to complete.

Can be done as a class or individually (students can create their own accounts to access program on their own).

Access from computer, tablet, or smartphone.

10% of your purchase goes toward supporting the Indian girls' Wings of Fire program.
Mini-Conference Date: May 18, 2017 9:00am-11:00am
During this two-hour, webinar-format (with live-chats available all day for classes who can't make two-hour window), students will:
Meet the curriculum designers (Dina Fesler and Andy Zweber), ask questions, and learn the "stories behind the stories" in creating India- Wings of Fire.

Learn from a panel of experts who can further illuminate the realities of gender issues in the US and India.

 Examine and weigh in on how hidden and overt gender imbalance is impacting their school community, explore ideas on how to alleviate harmful attitudes, and make their community better/stronger as a result.