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Vision Activity
Earth from space
Phone technology
Atomic bomb
Polluted water

Part 2a: How did we get here?

Vision Intro/Discussion: Using a white board to “think out loud,” imagine the state of the world. Everything that exists right now is the result of people who came before you— the inventors of things that help us survive and thrive (electricity, phones, cameras, cars/transportation/airplanes, languages, religions, pencils, buildings) and inventors of things that harm us (guns, bombs, wars, rumors, hate speech, discrimination, slavery, trafficking).

Adults often label and divide the children in their communities for purposes that suit them according to the situations they face. While they may intend no harm by doing this, simply acknowledge, accept, and be aware that this happens.

Also acknowledge and accept that every action being taken right now by adults will be yours to deal with in the future. You will inherit things that can lead you to successful and happy lives, as well as things that can destroy everything that exists.

Now imagine that the beginning of the world is right now. You and your whole generation— every child on the planet— are the only ones here. Your whole lives are ahead of you, and your thoughts and intentions have the power to reshape the entire world. You can change how you want to be divided and labeled if you wish. You can work as a team to decide what things you want to keep, and what you want to do away with.

How do you feel about this fact? Does it make you feel hopeful? Uncomfortable? Share thoughts and write on whiteboard.