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United States
A survey by the United Nations in 2013 found that a shocking 99% of Egyptian women had experienced some form of sexual harassment in their life.
In a study of more than 200 youth in Gujranwala, Pakistan, 96% of the girls experienced street harassment.
A 2002 survey of 200 citizens in Beijing showed that 70% had been subjected to a form of sexual harassment, and 58% said it occurred on the bus.
In a 2004 survey of 632 women who travel during rush-hour in Tokyo, nearly 64% of the women in their 20's and 30's said they were groped while commuting. In 2008, in Tokyo alone there were 2,000 reported groping cases.
Excerpt from GSD's "India- Wings of Fire" curriculum
Of course, when it comes to the harassment of women, India was hardly alone. It was a worldwide phenomenon. 

In countries of every kind and every culture, harassment of women existed. Even in the United States, where society proudly promotes genders being equal, harassment shows up.

How can this be? Maybe the India- Wings of Fire girls could help unlock the answers. I needed to talk with them ASAP...