Kids shaking hands: U.S. Army Photo by Kenneth Fidler -
Culture Shock
Students shake hands
Students shake hands

Part Two (10 min)

Pick three people from each culture to be the "travelers." Send each group of three to the other group to experience being in a different culture.  Remind them that their GOAL is to find the answers to the three questions for the members of their group back at home.

1. What is the name of your cultural group?
2. What do the people of your cultural group do for jobs?
3. What do your people eat?

After the visiting is done (5-10 minutes), bring the two cultures back together - not intermixed - and have each group stand on opposite sides of the room facing one another. Then have the three travelers step forward and present a report on the findings of the other culture.

First, ask Culture A people to describe everything they know about Culture B people, and then vice versa. Invite them to use descriptive words. Write them on a white board (make a column for each group). At this phase, only non-members of the culture can speak about the opposite culture.

After each group has been described, tell the group that you want to know which of the descriptive words are “facts” and which are “judgments.” At this point, only members of the group being spoken of can answer the question: “Is this a fact or a judgment?” “Is this statement true about your culture?”

Cross out the words on the whiteboard that are judgments and leave only the facts. (Facts= they talk fast, they get close, they speak loudly. Judgments: they are rude, they are weird, they are strange…)