Culture Shock
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Have you ever been in a different country, city, or even family and think: these people are weird! “Cultural mores” are the common ideas, values, customs, and communication styles that we operate from— often without ever realizing it— and have a powerful impact on our relationships with others. Interaction with people who have different cultural mores can range from humorous, to confusing, to downright explosive!

Helping teens develop a mindful awareness of how different cultures communicate (as well as their own) will increase their interpersonal skills needed to succeed in our multi-cultural communities and the larger world beyond.

This three-part activity is designed to practice recognizing differing cultural mores, separating facts from judgments, and understanding that communication styles aren’t “weird” once you understand them!
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Culture Shock Activity

• To EXAMINE our unique cultural, social mores, behaviors, and values.
• To RECOGNIZE roots of cultural frustration toward unfamiliar communities.
• To PRACTICE separating facts from judgements to better appreciate differences in others.