Common ground

Part One (10 min)

Place a 10-20 foot string or tape across the floor dividing the room into two sides. Divide the students into two groups, standing along each side of the line about one stride from the line, facing each other (diagram shown below).

Using the statements listed to the right (printable version here), ask everyone in the room to take stand on the line if they agree with the statement being made. After each statement, ask them to step back into their original place for they next question. 
Classroom activity setup
Stand on the line if...

You live in (country you are in now). 
You were born in (country you are in now).
You were born in (fill in different countries, cities, states that you know kids in the group came from).
You were born in _____.
You were born in _____.
You speak English.
You speak (fill in different languages that you know the kids in the group speak).
You speak _____.
You speak _____.
You like soccer.
You like skateboarding.
You like to play video games.
You are a football fan.
You have a close friend that you care about.
You have a family member that you love.
You enjoy helping others.
You like to eat pizza.
You like to eat (fill in other foods that the different kids might eat).
You like to eat _____.
You like to eat _____.
You feel like sometimes life isn’t fair.
You feel people don’t understand you.
You want to do something important with your life.
You sometimes feel like life is overwhelming.
You like to read books.
You like to watch TV.
Your family is Christian.
Your family is Jewish.
Your family is Muslim.
Your family is Hindu.
Your family is Buddhist.
You have a pet that you love.
You have a pet that you love that has died.
You have a close friend or family member that has died.
You still miss that person or pet.
You like to visit museums.
You sometimes feel angry.
You want to grow up and be a business person.
You want to grow up and be a doctor.
You want your children to live in a peaceful world.