Common Ground
Students thinking the same


From religion, race, and region to fashion, football, and fences, human beings find endless ways to distinguish themselves from others. Cultivating and expressing our unique identity— or association with like-minded groups— is a natural, psychological need. High school letter jackets, club t-shirts, and sports jerseys of our favorite teams can be a source of pride. And associating with those who share our cultural values can be a source of comfort. But while these are normal human tendencies, they can lead us into dangerously polarizing situations.  

This two-part activity will help students discover similarities among people, and find ways to discover our inner common ground.
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Common Ground Activity

• To INCREASE AWARENESS of our ideas and beliefs about other social communities.
• To FIND COMMON GROUND among members of a group.
• To CREATE EMPATHY by helping students discover our universal human emotional needs.