Character Activity
Middle school lunchroom


When it comes to the emotional battleground of middle/high school, fitting in with some form of social infantry seems like the best protection. How our peers value us often determines how we value ourselves. Paradoxically, when we’re feeling vulnerable, it can be easy to overlook the vulnerability of others in the scramble for social survival.

Taking the low road may give a temporary-albeit-unauthentic boost to our self-esteem (and social media, texting, or hiding behind anonymous usernames makes throwing shade even more convenient), but helping teens develop a mindful awareness of the emotional well-being of others will give them the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the larger theater of life ahead.

The following two-part activity is designed to enhance critical thinking via thought, discussion, and action– while linking impact to global gender issues.
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Character Quality Activity

• CULTIVATE mindful awareness of the emotional needs of human beings.
• PRACTICE interaction and evaluation based on character, as opposed to labels, looks, or affiliations.
• CONNECT this emotional awareness to the global issue of gender inequality.