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India- Wings of Fire

Dive into one of the greatest underdog stories of our time as Dina's chance encounter in  an Indian slum introduces readers to Laxmi, Kajal, and Karishma. A mere three of India's 90 million slum-dwellers up against epic poverty, lack of education, and domestic violence,  these girls represent the status quo of gender oppression and future generations of women living at the bottom of society.

But when Dina takes them on a mind-stretching adventure into the world outside the slum, small changes in perception lead to exciting new life outcomes. Risking safety for education, these girls become determined to rock the status quo by staying in school and taking other little slum girls with them on the ride to empowerment.

This GSD training program uncovers the invisible threads that link social values, psychological oppression, and the culture of global gender bias— and gives American teens the opportunity to be partners in addressing this important world issue head on.

1.Go Through Training Program

Learn how GSD is partnering with slum-dwelling girls to tackle poverty and gender inequality.
Slum in India

2.Become an Operative

Get involved by becoming an Operative in the GSD Network.

3.Participate in GSD Missions

Partner with these Indian teens on GSD Missions and help tackle global poverty and inequality!
Indian girls with hands up