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Afghanistan- Hearts & Minds

Meet Zerwali, Agha Wali, and Lalai— three illiterate Afghan teens uprooted by war living in a squalid IDP camp. With shrapnel scars from U.S. bombings, their hatred of Americans and thirst for revenge make them the perfect targets for extremist recruiters ready to manipulate young minds. Meanwhile, Dina is on her way to Kabul to learn about Afghanistan beyond the headlines. Little do they know what lies ahead when their paths collide.

As Dina teaches the boys about the outside world, they give her a glimpse into a hidden underworld that contains the secrets for ending the longest war in U.S. history.

This GSD training program shares the epic tale of their unlikely partnership, and how the ups and downs, twists and turns (and even Nobel Peace Prize Nominations!) blossom into a youth movement where they are leading the way toward a new future, with American GSD teens as part of the team!
View from mountain in AfghanistanMosque in AfghanistanIDPsDina with Afghan IDPs