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Through a collection of personalized Dossiers, GSD curriculum engages students in vital global issues by virtually catapulting them directly into the epicenter of action. Dina's real-world adventure stories, videos, and photos feature teens growing up in the world's most far-flung places. These unlikely heroes will help your students gain:
The critical thinking needed to understand why things are the way they are.
The creativity to imagine new solutions to complex problems.
The opportunity to become a GSD Operative to get some seriously cool "real-world" stuff done when the class ends.
Dina in SomalilandDina in IndiaDina in Afghanistan

What's included in the GSD program:

A 45-day digital license to access all program content and materials
Five "Reports" (chapters) filled with 850+ exclusive pictures and videos. One Report can be completed in 1-3 classroom days (depending on class time, homework assigned, etc.)
 Account to access the program content from any device (see purchase page for teacher/student account details)
Forum questions throughout the program for deeper discussion, understanding, and critical thinking
Curriculum "Extras" which provide further resources on geography, economics, culture, and history