Selected excerpts from Afghanistan- Hearts & Minds
GSD operative on computerGSD operatives on phoneGSD operatives on computerGSD operatives meetGSD operatives on phoneGSD operatives meeting
Sample content from the teaching app
Afghanistan- Hearts & Minds, page 19
After Andy and I got back to the U.S., we reconvened the GSD Operatives for an urgent mission. We needed to find a way to help Hamdard team members expand the program to other JRCs, including teaching lessons, and training new recruits to teach others. It needed to be paperless, comprehensive, portable, and stealth.

Within weeks, Operatives across the country developed a teaching app containing all the essentials for understanding the world, and collected dozens of used Smartphones to house it. Translating and downloading all the app’s content to the phones (bypassing the need to be connected to the internet), now Hamdard members could learn about— and teach— the whole world from the palms of their hands. Genius.
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