Selected excerpts from Afghanistan- Hearts & Minds
Everyone at KJRC
Bahador explains thoughts to group
Hamdard is a Pashto word that does not have an English equivalent. According to Wasim, Hamdard means: "to share or feel someone else's pain and help them move through it." (pictured above: Bahador explains the ideas of the KJRC teens)
Afghanistan- Hearts & Minds, page 14
Day by day, the jail cell slowly transformed into an elite leadership academy. On the last day, Bahador, one of the smartest kids in the group, stood and addressed our team. “Before this program, we were living in darkness. Now we have a plan for our lives.”  

Apparently, after we had concluded yesterday’s lessons, the KJRC kids were up all night discussing how badly they wanted this program to continue. Bahador stated that not only did all of teens in the KJRC want to join our team, they wanted to expand the program to other juvenile rehabilitation centers around Afghanistan. They even named their group Hamdard.

There was a JRC in every province of Afghanistan (making 34 total), and as Bahador stated, “The teenagers in those prisons need to know about Hamdard. We need them to join our team to create a peaceful Afghanistan.”

If only Maslow and Holmes could have been there to see that.
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