Selected excerpts from India- Wings of Fire
Girls walking through the street
Kajal in a store
Laxmi at the fort
Karishma, Laxmi, and Kajal at coffee shop
India- Wings of Fire, page 20
In the final days of our adventure, we continued to explore our way across Pune. From shopping MARKETS and historic FORTS to museums and COFFEE SHOPS, the girls had graduated from just answering my questions to becoming local reporters giving on-camera reports of our adventure. Standing tall and speaking professionally as I filmed them in action, they were attracting the attention and admiration of locals passing by— curious to know who these important girls were. Were they college students? Did they work for the TV station? Actresses maybe?

Looking through the lens of the camera, I was no longer looking at poor slum girls— blank slates ready to be molded. I saw people I respected. Leaders. Warriors. It was like the more self-esteem they gained within themselves, the more they projected it back out to the world.

And the world was noticing.