Indian kids
India- a leadership training program helping girls in an urban slum upend the cycle of poverty, early marriage, and gender oppression.
Afghan teens
Afghanistan- a peace-building program where youth spread education, critical thinking, and conflict resolution skills among peers.
Somali girls
Somaliland:- helping youth in the world's invisible spaces claim pride in their identity and connect with the global community.
Kids in Haiti
Haiti- creating opportunities for youth to showcase their innovation and increase empowerment.
Iraqi girls in school
Iraq- traumatized children heal from the effects of war by sharing their stories with the outside world.
Kids in Vietnam on bikes
Vietnam- empowering impoverished youth through access to education.
Group of kids in Peru
Peru- helping Amazon jungle youth forge a better future via access to health care, education, and economic opportunity.
Kids in Kenya
Kenya- a Young Ambassador program where AIDS orphans lead the way to sustainable community development.
Youth holding art in Guatemala
Guatemala- helping youth in dangerous urban communities gain empowerment through strengthened identity and connection.