WHAT Exactly is gsd?

GSD is an international network of teens who have gone through GSD's training. Via the GSD app, these teens collaborate to examine big world issues from the inside out, generate powerful ideas to address these issues, and put them into action.

Why are GSD teens called "Operatives?"

Much more than volunteers, GSD teens are trained to analyze complex world issues and trusted to partner with GSD's international teens to assist in tackling vial world challenges.


To the outside world it stands for Global Student Dynamic, but to insiders it means GET STUFF DONE. GSD trains teens to create action-oriented solutions to the world's most challenging issues. GSD… Got it? Good!


A thriving, vibrant, intercultural, interpersonal ecosystem


GSD tackles the world’s biggest challenges from the inside-out by:
Harnessing the energy, creativity, and innovation of young influencers living at the core of these issues,

training them in the GSD intercultural, interpersonal methodology (“human technology”)

and providing them with a symbiotic platform for action.


Having the courage to cross into new and unfamiliar cultures, fearlessly reject stereotypes, and truly understand why things are the way they are is enough to make the world shift on its axis. By traveling to new places, immersing in new cultures, understanding the values and beliefs of different communities, and engaging in meaningful dialog with people once previously feared, GSD Operatives break down barriers, emerge as enriched global citizens, and make the world a more fabulous place.


Move over boring boardrooms— GSD's virtual hayloft is the central command of the GSD organization where we do our reporting and kids meet to get involved in exciting, world-changing projects.


GSD is about interconnection— where people and parts work together symbiotically to produce dynamic, world-changing outcomes.

Never a dull moment!


GSD meets teens where they're at (literally— their phones!) to share our real-world adventures, update on ongoing projects, and connect them with our global partners to collaborate on world-changing GSD Missions.

GSD Manifesto

From overpopulation, terrorism, and poverty, to gender inequity, ethnic tensions, and war, the world has some serious issues, that we—today’s teenagerswill be dealing with tomorrow. While experts, militaries, and world leaders continue to scramble for political solutions, the media paints a picture that leaves many feeling powerless.

We may be young, but we are not powerless. We have influence. We are not manipulated by the media, and do not blindly follow what society says and does. We are not afraid of the world’s challenges, and don’t need the news sugar-coated. We are brave, curious, and will discover the truth by exploring the world ourselves. We question, we examine, we peel back the layers until we understand why things are the way they are— and while others are talking, analyzing, strategizing, blaming, complaining, or whining, we get stuff done.

We live and lead with clear intention. We break out of the molds that society has assigned us and redefine who we really are. We are more than sports, social media, homework, and texting. We are more than volunteers and fund raisers. We do more than create awareness campaigns, or study foreign policy. We go out into the world and change it. We are explorers, researchers, teachers, and we are the heroes of our own adventure stories. Our lives are filled with drama, action, and heart-racing-mind-numbing craziness.

We refuse to sit on the sidelines. We don’t just read the news we create the news. We follow and collaborate with teens living on the front lines of the world’s crises. We empower them by sharing our time, care, and friendship, and assist in providing tools and resources to help THEM make a difference in their OWN communities. No longer invisible statistics, they show us the world in a human way and inspire us to get stuff done— anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anyhow. They are not our “projects,” they are our partners and we have their backs. Regardless of race, religion, or nationality, they are our brothers and sisters.

We spread truth. We smash stereotypes. We put “passion” in compassion. We help turn victims into heroes. We are part of something meaningful, magical, and larger than ourselves. We can be anything, do anything, and we are not afraid. We were born to do this.

Together, we are operatives of change, and technology is our secret weapon. Through it we have the power to learn, connect, create, and support each other. We are flexible, stealth, tech-savvy, and the status quo doesn’t see us coming.

We aren’t afraid of our ideas—we act on them. We offer sustainable solutions –not charity. We innovate. We help the world, and the world helps us back. We are creative, competitive, and powerful. We are weird, and weird is the new normal.

We are defining our own generation— a generation empowered, a generation revolution. We will do more, be more, than any other generation before us. We are making an impact—not years down the road, but RIGHT NOW. We are making history and will be able to look back and say “I was a part of this.”

We are role models, we make a difference, and we rock.

We get stuff donE.