UAR's Summer 2018 Guide to Expanding Cultural Horizons

Tips for Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Operative Daisy
By: GSD Operative Daisy
Ready to expand your intercultural horizons? Here are a few ways to start getting comfortable being uncomfortable around the Twin Cities this summer. While these examples are all in MN, they can be a template for discovering the untapped cultural adventures in your own community. A Google search is all you need!
Serving middle eastern food
Midtown Global Market
Expand your perspectives– and your palate– with a stroll through the Midtown Global Market. From Mexican tamales to Vietnamese pho to Moroccan lamb shanks your taste buds will salsa dance with excitement. Strike up a conversation with the workers at the Halal meat market (or find out what halal is if you don’t know). Chat with the guy at the Tibetan clothing store to learn about everything from singing bowls to the Panchan Lama. Even simple gestures can create great understandings!
Henna tattoo
Henna Tattoos are common in many cultures across the Middle East and Asia
Tour Somalia at the Somali Museum in Minneapolis to learn about their agri-history and rich nomadic, desert culture. Add a little spice to your Somali adventure with a stop by the Karmel Mall for the most authentic chai and sambusas outside of Mogadishu! If you want to really go “local” you can get a gorgeous black henna tattoo on your hands, arms and/or feet! Or check out the first ever exhibit on Somali culture and history at Minnesota History Center!
Film featured
Featured film at this year's Jewish Film Festival
Jewish Film Festival
Take in a new perspective at the Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival on June 28— currently featuring an “Israeli Love Story.”
Daisy at Jewish Community Center
Get in touch with your mind, body, and soul (and meet others trying it too!)
Want to improve your overall wellness? Take a yoga class at The Hindu Society of Minnesota to practice the art of deep breathing and relaxation, and simply connect with others.
By reaching out to other communities you share your willingness to learn. And the more we learn the less we fear. You may be surprised by how fun getting uncomfortable can be!
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