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Dina with Somali kids
Dina Fesler and Andy Zweber, GSD Network co-founders
Dina Fesler
Name: Dina Fesler
Gender: Female
Occupation: Co-Founder, GSD
Whereabouts: Globally on the move; GSD virtual HQ
Current Status: Leading global GSD movement
Skills: Dangerously creative; Out-of-the-box thinker; Brilliant communicator/storyteller
Known Associates: Hundreds of teens located worldwide
Remarks: Dina is a creative writer and armchair-anthropologist who spent decades exploring far-flung locales, studying children's mental health issues, and honing the GSD empowerment methodology. She successfully implemented a wide range of leadership projects that have impacted at-risk children in ten developing countries, as well as cross-cultural curricula that has inspired thousands of student readers. She currently resides on a Midwestern hobby farm with adopted daughters from China, India, and Ethiopia.

Between globe-trotting gigs she offices out of the hayloft on her farm.
Andy Zweber
Name: Andy Zweber
Gender: Male
Occupation: Co-Founder, GSD
Whereabouts: Globally on the move; GSD virtual HQ
Current Status: Leading global GSD movement
Skills: Tech guru; Strategic planner; Travelling tactician; Cultural chameleon (blends into any environment like a local)
Known Associates: Hundreds of teens located worldwide
Remarks: Andy is an analyst, sports fanatic, avid debater, and political junkie who graduated from Carleton College with a degree in political science. Previously working with nonprofit Children’s Culture Connection catapulted him into the eye of the storm, and introduced him to youth growing up amidst some of the world’s most volatile political backdrops. Beyond his training, he discovered that sustainable solutions place “people” above “policies.”

While everyone waits for traditional institutions to fix the world's problems with top-down strategies, Andy trains GSD teens to solve problems from the bottom-up.

He will happily engage in lively debate with any interested parties.
Children's Culture Connection
American middle school classroom
Children’s Culture Connection was a nonprofit organization that created engaging cross-cultural curricula for middle and high schools in 35 U.S. states and 15 countries worldwide.
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GSD Escape is a weekly email filled with quirky, cultural enlightenment, off-beat adventures, and the stories of GSD's behind the scenes work empowering young leaders in the most remote corners on earth.
Like compiling a virtual scrapbook, you'll receive weekly layers of stories, musings, pictures, videos, and cultural curiosities. From India to Peru, Kenya to Vietnam, each month offers a new far-flung adventure that will inspire, amuse, intrigue, and give you a little more hope for our collective future.
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Since 2009, GSD has created the coolest Global Studies curriculum around. But for years we've been asked to share more of our behind-the-scenes adventures with the general public.
Is it because they want to discover how GSD's methodology is developing a generation of global do-gooders? Are they aching to stretch their minds to the larger world? Or just needing a break from the daily grind with one of Dina's impossibly weird, globetrotting escapades?
Whatever the reason, GSD Escape is the answer.
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GSD (Global Student Dynamic) was founded in 2015 by DINA FESLER and ANDY ZWEBER, former executives of CHILDREN'S CULTURE CONNECTION.

Who is GSD Escape for?

Whether you're a hard-core traveler or armchair adventurer, a dreamer or a doer, a cultural anthropologist or just curious about the outside world, GSD Escape is for people longing for a little more off-beat adventure in their lives.
P.S. For teens who want to make a massive, positive impact in the world, as well as parents and teachers who want to prepare them to do it, check out our global training/adventure stories!
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Monthly subscriptions are just $5, and your money goes to helping GSD continue building our global youth programs.
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