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What is GSD Network?
GSD is a social innovation organization that has worked with teens in some of the world’s most far-flung places.

We are a two-person team that partners with individuals and organizations "on the ground" to provide a jolt of creativity and new ideas to further empower, educate, and propel youth to lead social change in their communities and countries.

We feature stories of the countries and youth we’ve worked with in our E-Magazine.
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How can I help?
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The easiest way to support us is to subscribe to our E-Magazine (if you’re a teacher, see our teacher page)

Other ways to get involved:
• Interested in partnering or having us speak?
• Want to hook us up with a media interview?
• Interested in funding a slightly-crazy-but-just-might-work idea?

We’d love to hear from you! Email andy@gsdnetwork.net
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What does GSD do?
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We believe in tackling the world’s biggest challenges from the inside-out by:
• Harnessing the energy, creativity, and innovation of young influencers living at the core of these issues

• Training them in the GSD intercultural, interpersonal methodology

• Creating a platform for action
Dina Felser and Andy Zweber
Who we are
Dina and Andy in India
GSD (Get Stuff Done) was founded in 2015 by Dina Fesler and Andy Zweber. We are a small, scrappy team that relies on hyper-creativity and obstacle-jumping ideas for creating social impact.

With both of us having extensive experience in the nonprofit world, we created GSD to amplify all the great parts of nonprofits (genuine partnerships and incredible enthusiasm for making the world better) but eliminate the tedious parts (hours of grant-writing, constant fundraisers, and a tendency to “play it safe” with new ideas) that can stifle innovation and get in the way of getting things done.
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Interested in partnering or getting involved? 
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